Matt Holubowski – Sandy Cove (Official Video)

Sandy Cove | Matt Holubowski
from Like Flowers on a Molten Lawn
available everywhere !


Director : Véronique Audet-Gagnon
Director and director of photography : Lucas Harrison Rupnik
Art director : Véronique Audet-Gagnon
Line producer: Stephanie Robi & Philippe Craig
Accessories, costumes, hair and makeup : Véronique Audet-Gagnon & Matt Holubowski
Editor : Lucas Harrison Rupnik
Graphic designer : Valéry Lemay
Colorist : Beatrice Tremblay

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There’s a man worth following
He knows a thing or two about you
His mind is like a folding chair
You can take it anywhere
And use it when the weight of your affairs have humbled you so
I hope that you know it
Sometimes I forget

Everyone around me metamorphosizes on a whim
I don’t know who anyone is
I’m told that there’s a distance between who you are
And who you want to be
But how I see it, it’s more who you are and who you could’ve been
And that’s why I worry about it all of the time

Marked for the anointed
It should’ve been you
Locked into the mindset
It could only be true
And when I see you lying there
What is it I should do ?

Grass grows by the inch, dies by our feet
When we go anywhere
Just go anywhere, I don’t care
Let’s just go, let’s go
I’m weary, I am feeling dreary
It’s not in my head I am an echo
I must owe somebody royalties for all of my troubles

Every room I spend my time in has no windows
Sometimes it’s just better not to see too far ahead
For if you know now what you’d later know
You may find a rabbit hole to get stuck in
There’s nothing romantic about the fall of Rome
Can’t unring a bell, can’t undo a wrong

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